Kitchen Cabinet Installation

When you think you need a new kitchen cabinet, and you are on a tight budget, consider building your own. Renovation can prove to be costly and it can take up 40% of the budget if you opt to do the project.

Last week, during the holidays I was in a situation where I had two options, either to buy a new Unit or to remodel my current one. At first I did not know that the remodeling cost for my kitchen cabinet would go beyond my budget, even though I wanted to do it. I was sort of confused and did not really know what I should do.

So I called in backup, a friend of mine who had experience with cabinets of all kinds. He took me to the market; where we visited different DIY wholesalers, I learned a lot of stuff about kitchen cabinets that day, about the different kinds of materials they are made of, the variety of kitchen cabinet hardware there is and its accessories. I found it helpful and pretty interesting; since it was the first time I was going to build a kitchen cabinet on my own. even a housewife can do it as a holiday project.

With plenty of on line DIY tutorials on DIY kitchen cabinets, all you have to do is carefully follow the procedure. After you have decided on what you need, do a little research about the materials and equipment that you will be handling and the different kinds of kitchen cabinet hardware and accessories. Also consider visiting different wholesalers just to get an idea about the so that you can choose the one that is you think best for you.

After our little campaign in the market, I bought the materials from the shop, which provided prices that were easily covered in my budget and also saving some of it. Now we just needed equipment that we will be using to build it, but the problem was we had been on the move for more than three hours and were really tired also the sun was beating on our backs. So I asked him to let me borrow his equipment.

At first he was like, “No way!” because he knew I had zero experience in handling this kind of hardware, but in the end, a friend in need is a friend indeed, I asked him to come over and help me build my own, he agreed and we started working on it the next day. Just remember whenever you want to build a kitchen cabinet, do a little research on it and remember it takes time, patience and some skills with equipment.

For your own safety, if you know you can not handle the equipment yourself, just ask a friend to help you.

Begin Your Kitchen Remodel With Cabinet Hardware

Have you been considering selling your home? Are you worried your home or apartment will not sell for more than what you originally paid? Now is the perfect time to evaluate your home-inside and out-to determine if there are any areas that may need updating, tweaking or full replacement. When considering placing your home on the market, you must think like a potential buyer: will the home withstand any harsh and unexpected weather, are there any major repairs necessary and is there potential to expand the home if necessary? Stay ahead in the housing market by undertaking a few do it yourself projects around the home to make your property shine. One of the easiest and most profitable projects is a kitchen remodel.

Excuses, Excuses
Unless you are a seasoned carpenter or home renovation maven, refurbishing your kitchen may seen like a daunting task. It does not need to be! Perhaps you think only single home owners or small families are able to complete this project. Wrong again! With proper planning, a kitchen makeover can begin and end in a timely, hassle-free manner.

Where Do I Begin?
The first and most crucial step to this project is to have the proper planning ahead of time. Create a hand-drawn blueprint of your existing kitchen. Cut out mock furniture units out of separate paper so you can freely move about furniture before actually putting your strength to the test. Next, you must consider the finances for the home makeover. How much can you afford to spend? Where are some areas you can cut down a bit to budget for the project? Finally, create a make-shift kitchen in case this remodeling takes longer than anticipated. This way, you will not feel crowded or rushed and can still eat proper meals.

Start Small
One of the easiest ways to totally revamp your outdated kitchen is to replace your cabinet hardware. Over time and with extensive use, cabinet knobs and pulls often look tarnished or downright ugly, especially if you have pleasant decorations and cabinet material installed. By adding attractive cabinet door handles, you’ll kick up your kitchen’s design and value instantly. Classic knobs are available in bronze, nickel, chrome, brass, pewter, stainless steel and even colored glass. The real challenge is to select a proper material (listed previously) with an elegant and refined finish. Typical finishes for these accessories include oil rubbed, satin, polished, weathered, iron, matte, antiqued and burnished.

Think in Layers
Recent style changes show that the layered look is in. What does that mean for your kitchen cabinet hardware? Starting with your lowest cabinet units and working upwards towards the ceiling, each ‘level’ should have a designated material. Renovation professionals recommend beginning with darker colors waist-level and below, allowing brighter finishes and materials to glean and glisten near your lighting fixtures at arm and ceiling levels.

Cool and Contemporary
Additional stylists suggest that the cool, crisp refined look of stainless steel is a must. If you appliances are already in stainless steel, why not complete the look with matching cabinet pulls? These accessories are easy to clean and sanitize, which is great for busy homes with children and pets. Best of all, stainless steel matches any pattern; so if you change your mind about the striped wall paper in a week, you will not have to run out to replace these accessories again.

Purchase and Mount
The easiest step in this kitchen makeover process is the purchase and mounting of these hardware materials. When you are ready to make your purchase, be sure you have counted and recounted the number of knobs you will need. Finally, you will also need the additional mounting hardware accessories which include screws and hinges. Be sure to purchase both the mounting hardware and the knobs simultaneously so that the material and finishes match perfectly. Viola! Your kitchen renovation project is completed and you are ready to put your house on the market!

Little Changes Mean a Lot – Picking New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

In a world where we make so many decisions every day – what to drink at the coffee shop, what kind of milk to buy, how many minutes in the calling plan – how do we decide on kitchen cabinet hardware?

If your cabinets are looking a little tired and it’s not in your budget to replace or refinish them, you can get a fresh now look by choosing new kitchen hardware. You don’t have to do a complete remodel. Take down the old wall coverings and choose a great new paint color, and you’ve made a $20 investment that makes a big impact. Remove the valences and add some roman shades, and you’ve gone a long way toward updating the look of your kitchen. New kitchen cabinet hardware is another easy change.

Choosing a great cabinet knob is like choosing a great accessory for an outfit. Your choice enhances what’s already there, and it makes a statement on its own. Just as your accessories are a style statement, so is your kitchen cabinet hardware.

The selection process can be overwhelming, so take some time to consider your tastes before you buy. If you are going for a traditional look, you can select kitchen hardware with simple lines; add a back plate and you’ve built traditional character into your cabinets. Maybe you are drawn to something more elaborate, like floral motifs and vines, or beads and ropes. Maybe a finger pull or a cup pull would be a good choice if you want to go with something other than the familiar cabinet knob.

If you want kitchen cabinet hardware in a contemporary style, you’ve got plenty of choices as well. Strong geometric shapes are popular in contemporary design – look at kitchen cabinet hardware in spheres, cubes, eggs, cylinders, cones, hoops, and swirls. If you want to play down the appearance of sharp geometric hardware, choose a knob or handle in a softer metallic finish like brushed nickel, or in a warm color like oil-rubbed bronze.

Maybe you are drawn to color. If so, you’ve got plenty of options. Ceramic, clear or frosted glass, acrylic, granite, marble, and even gemstones give you many brilliant options.

Before you buy the knob that you’ve fallen in love with, take a look at the size of the kitchen hardware. Its scale and its placement on the cabinet door or drawer front are critical. Fortunately, you can find coordinating hardware in different sizes; you can mix and match similar pieces that are made to go on different size drawers and doors.

Another less-obvious consideration is usability. Are you sure the kitchen hardware is easy for elderly visitors to grab with their arthritic fingers? If you’ve got a wide receiver in the family, can he slide his fingers underneath the handle? You want him to help set the table, don’t you? He’s can’t help if he’s unable to got to open the drawers.

There’s one last thing to consider. Examine at the length of the bolts provided with on kitchen cabinet hardware. If they are the same width or thicker than the ones you are replacing, you should have no problems. They’ll fit in the existing holes in the drawer fronts and doors, or you can enlarge the screw holes if you need to. Also, check that the screws are long enough to clear a raised panel. You’d hate to find that your selections don’t fit after you bring them home.

Do a little homework before you buy your new kitchen cabinet hardware and you won’t be disappointed later.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Remodeling your kitchen is big investment, and to get the best out of the deal, you need to be very careful about the cabinet hardware you choose. This is because the hardware provides the final touch to the cabinets by highlighting their aesthetic value. Kitchen cabinet hardware includes knobs pulls, hinges, and drawer slides.

The placement of knobs on cabinets requires some serious thinking because an out of place positioning can mar the effect of the cabinet. So you need to check whether the knob should be at the center or the side of the cabinet.

Decide whether you want a vintage, contemporary, or trendy look for your kitchen cabinets. The market is flooded with knobs to suit all individual tastes and you can choose between the classic bronze designs, the futuristic pieces in aluminum, or the trendy ones made from glass, stones, or mosaic.

You have the option to choose from single magnetic touch latches. They usually are made of plastic with a steel counter plate. The magnets in them keep the doors of the cabinets tightly shut preventing the entry of cockroaches, and other insects. These latches come in a variety of colors and finishes and you can choose from brass finish to polished aluminum or a drawer touch latch in ivory color.

Check out the market and you will come across the unique, stylishly designed lighting that serves as accessories for the kitchen hardware. You can choose from the halogen spotlight to the dramatic slim lights. Be it a compact low profile lamp or the surface mounted spot light or even the fluorescent connectors, you’ll find that these artistic pieces come in both premium and economic forms to suit all budgets.

Depending upon whether your kitchen cabinets are framed or frameless, you can choose from a wide array of draw runners and slides. There are runners that have front and rear brackets that attach to the side or bottom of a cabinet. Alternately, you can opt for integral front brackets for frame mounting.

You can customize your kitchen cabinets by adding accessories such as cutlery trays, pantry shelves, and waste disposers. Their beauty lies in their utility because they make working more organized and simple.

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